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ai team building processTEAM-BUILDING and Team Culture  Transformation


With so many companies doing, some kind of team-building events or tribe/team development, what’s the best route to consider?

Typical Team-building activities, as they’re commonly called, vary from frivolous group entertainment & short-lived motivational style stuff; Quad-biking, soccer, cooking, shooting, mini-golf, foozeball, survivor games, adventure events, ballooning, etc.… all the way through to what we term… TRANSFORMATIVE or Appreciative Team-Building…

That’s REAL Team-development. Company Events and a process that impacts people on a Head, Heart & Soul level and has long-lasting results.

It’s a well know fact that stuff like motivational talks and the usual fun style “team building games” don’t last or add any real value – so why then do people waste their money paying anything up to R25,000 for a 1 hour motivational talk? Motivation is like manipulation! And who wants to be manipulated anyway?


Return on Investment

If you were to invest in an effective a teamwork improvement event, don’t’ you want to get the best value for your investment – of time, money and people resources? Any intelligent person wants the best return (ROI) on their staff team-building days.

Now think hard be smart…What level of results would you choose if you were to embark on a valuable and powerful team/tribe -building process? What’s the best way to blend your organisational cultures, build trust, build better relationships, communication, connection… and to unleash passion, engagement and energy into a cohesive whole? – A REAL TEAM or TRIBE.

Group Entertainment games is NOT Real Team-Building!

  • If we consider, what is thought to be, a typical “team building” event; people go on some planned outing for a day, somewhere offsite. They may get a little revved up, wear colored arm-bands or t-shirts, paint faces, play some games, shoot arrows, walk planks, laugh a little, or a lot, have a free meal or braai, a few drinks and then go home…klaar! Nothing really powerful!
  • On the day, what we don’t see, just under the surface, is that the office politics and people issues are still alive and well. People still fear; appearing useless, being uncomfortable or making a fool of themselves. Staff accumulate in their usual “clans”, and the office-clown is again, thoughtlessly, even more mordant with their jabs and jousts. Often, greater barriers to real team-building and a friendlier, more productive workplace, are created. Intolerance prevails – and never the cultures or people shall blend!
  • When Monday comes around, the old dynamics, office politics and factions remain, just as before. The people are as jaded as ever, if not more so now! And the “TEAM” is just a pretense. Life goes on just the same as it did before the group outing. People know nothing new about each other or their cultures. So what was it all really about?
  • This is treating the symptom – not the foundation or real causes.


Why Waste money on group Games?

So why even do it? Why would you spend money on something that does not solve your problem or deliver real value? Lack of; relationships, inclusion, trust, truth, engagement and inspiration is a REAL problem – A real problem for your team-building and your improved results in a diverse and multi-cultural reality we call our Rainbow Nation.


Alternative – Proper Team Transformation experience– The HERO side…An Uncommon, but REAL, Team Shifting Process. Imagine a REAL tribe-building experience that removes barriers and shift your office energy, work environment, attitudes, trust levels, culture and team-spirit… visibly. REAL team building or Team Transformation creates an environment where shift can happen. Like the transformation of a worm into a beautiful butterfly.

Consider…What’s the best way to really build your tribe. What aspects would need to be addressed to ensure long-term impact and profoundly positive results? In an Appreciative inquiry process the following core aspects must be addressed in order to build a sustainable and strong workplace foundation and culture that fosters optimal team effectiveness.

TRUST! – #1 issue to be addressed is TRUST. True authentic trust and communication between the people, as well as the team and management is critical. If you have no trust your team could bust! Trust is the anchor-stone of success in many areas of business. It’s a proven fact that trust makes or breaks relationships and workplaces. Trust’s the business lubricant, just like the super lubricant,Teflon.

I hear you think…is TRUST really more important than our great systems, policies and organisational structure? Absolutely Yes! A low trust workplace and mistrusting culture can, and will, sabotage and disrupt any system or strategy. Just look at the number of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiatives, mergers or strategic intentions that fail – It’s the people who make it happen from a Head, Heart and Soul level. No/low trust and engagement = no real team, no tribe, not really sustainable in a positive and engaging manner.

Is TRUST really more important than our great Vision & espoused Values? Absolutely Yes! I don’t care how impressive your Vision is or what your Values are, the DRAG of a low trust workplace or culture will hold you back you from truly attaining that vision and walking those values – authentically and fully. Values are for everyone, all of the time, not some of the time and some of the people. TRUST is a MUST to thrive.

Is TRUST really more important than a good strategy? Absolutely Yes! All strategies have to be executed. Efficient and optimal execution is built on a culture of high trust and high levels of certainty, involvement and engagement. High trust cannot transform poor strategy, but it can make it better. Give me a team of newbies-on-fire vs. a group of indifferent, mistrusting, disengaged rocket-scientists, any day!

Is TRUST really more important than COMPETENCIES and skills? Again absolutely Yes! Skills and competencies are a head-based issue. No matter how skilled a person or team/group, the “drag” or friction of a low-trust workplace culture will ensure that those skills are not optimally, if ever, fully applied. Trust is a heart AND head based issue. And let’s be real here…nothing will deter real talent like a dictatorial-high-control, low-trust, low-engagement workplace.


Effective Team/Tribe Building consists of getting REAL with yourself and others in your team.

  • Resilience & Responsibility
  • Energy & Engagement
  • Appreciative Inquiry & Action
  • Leadership with LOVE.

If you consider what is impacted in a team-building event, it is our responsibility to make optimal use of the time, efforts, expense and team-building opportunity by REALLY growing your people.

That’s why our Life Masters REAL team-building is designed as a powerful, unique, transformational process…and not just a light entertainment event.

Our REAL Building better Teamwork & spirit workshops are designed to change lives and workplaces on a longer-term basis. You can do the merry fun group stuff, but we’d favor adding REAL value & results to your business and your team-building / blending efforts. Action, Appreciation and Trust is the “must” of the 21st century.


Chose to do Appreciative Inquiry and science of happiness at work TM tmtm Team Building next time… avoid group amusement sold as team building activities– It’s really a waste of money most of the time and can even be detrimental back at the office.

Ask any of our clients – REAL team Building & Transformation is what smart people choose.

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