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We all need Company Team Building Events In Tough Times.  So choose effective Management Team Building FPackages for building Growth-Optimised Mindsets, more Heart, Happiness, Well-Being, & Higher Performance.  #AdaptAgility & teamworking, are Vital for building high performance teams.

Transform your corporate office TEAM Building events activities with the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE #ADAPTAGILITY, Appreciative inquiry, Action-Learning building blocks.

The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Teams Process builds business Psychological Capital, happiness@work... and a Growth GO Mindset approach that delivers Exponential impacts and outstanding results.


Need effective staff team effectiveness building workshops events ideas / Inspiring Motivational team activities / Optimise organizational Cultures / Improve Productivity and Performance | Energise Employee Engagement, Collaboration & Leadership?

Higher Ground Leadership |Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation,  REAL Teamworking & Effective Leadership Development transforms your people, teams, leadership and culture.

Why should you do your next Culture Change Executive team building workshops, team bonding, and performance improvement event in jhb /sandton,  Gauteng with Life Masters REAL Team Building Services?

We deliver more than 20x-40x the usual VALUE. You also have a powerful mental MindShifting, awareness, and Psychological Capital development experience as well!

Use REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Teams Challenge to Take your Workplace Team Buildings and Trust building to the next level.

By investing in continuous engagement and employees’ growth through the use of effective Business team building events, you improve

teamworking, enhance employee engagement, and grow happiness@work levels  and staff workplace satisfaction.

We offer REAL Team dynamics Development as well as increase Happiness levels at work, with smart Tribal Leadership, effective appreciative inquiry strategies, and Organisational Culture / social Networks analysis. We increase Psychological Capital and build Self Mastery for each person.

All Appreciative Team Building Events in Gauteng powered by Emotionetics and the Science of Happiness at work TM to shift to peak performance.

The key function of any leadership is to… inspire, empower, energise, engage, facilitate and enable teamwork and empower others to achieve results… to build a happy workplace culture and to build more leaders.

WHAT our corporate team building workshop clients have to say…

Tony, I love your style, you have the knack of getting to the core of the issues and challenges, which is the reason you get such a positive and powerful results…

“The core influencer of Employee Engagement is effective Teamworking and engaging Leadership on all levels.

Smart businesses leaders understand that the upliftment and employee emotional engagement and real team building activities

need to be a core part of your leadership development and focus through an Appreciative business strategy.

Life Masters custom designs effective, fun, interactive, REAL corporate team building events days.

We deliver more effective teamwork, fun and most of all, great results that last.

Our  appreciative Inquiry Approach to teamworking  and workplace engagement adds incredible value to your conference or corporate retreat sessions.

Experienced coaches facilitate our proper team building activities and events, which are suitable for corporate events from 6 to 300 people.

Our group activities are designed to accommodate both indoor or outdoor team building venues throughout Gauteng and South Africa. We focus on Transformation, Inspiration, Motivation and Enlightenment… REAL T.I.M.E. for real results.

Effective Team building events involve mental and physical involvement. This varies from light exercise to encounters which tests you fully! These exercises revolve around effective teamwork, communication, leadership, great relationships and positive psychological capital.

Some activities incorporate more FUN aspects which encourages group participants to safely interact with each other as they get closer, more creative, playful and connected as they explore more powerful activities and corporate games!

Formula WON Team Racing idea… We’ve transformed the indoor event into a full blown race-day.  This event can be a 1 hour talk and a fun race game, or it can be a full days high Performance Teams team-building event incorporating all aspects of peak performance in teamworking. The process is designed to be competitive, but in a space where everybody wins!

Sample Activities to transform your workplace culture and team energies

Puzzle Panic Indoor Team Activity/game

Effective teamwork requires planning, leadership, vision and positive collaboration . This activity addresses team planning ability, leadership prioritization, creative problem solving. This is part of our fun indoor activities as it says – solve the BLANK jigsaw puzzle in the fastest time.

Vision Keepers – Team Program

This Team Building Event activity addresses each team’s capabilities to communicate effectively, give and follow instructions, and work TOGETHER. The focus is to achieving the Vision being communicated. Clear communication, effective leadership, listening skills are required to guide the participants to complete the Vision Keepers’ Vision. Competitors require speed and accuracy to achieve success.

Blind Trust for teamworking

Blindfolded partners are guided by their sighted leaders through an unknown obstacle course at the venue. Whilst blindfolded, communications are limited to force new communications channels and styles. This requires lots of communication and trust between leader and follower in order to get through the process safely! This activity is either an indoor or out door event. This process also accellerates trust and bonding between participants. This exercise highlights the real importance and value of effective listening, communication skills and trustworthy leadership behaviors.

Combine our Appreciative Approach team buildings  and CultureShift process. Add a little fun and excitement. Add a sense of belonging and challenge. Add a powerful trust building experience. And you will have yourself a powerful weekend, or Higher Ground Leadership retreat that will be transformational and inspiring.

Life Masters is a one-stop shop when it comes to REAL employee engagement, science of happiness at workTM , Leadership Development and designing your REAL corporate teamworking improvement events.

WE customise EVERYTHING in the Team Building events  and activities to suite your specific needs.

The core of our REAL Appreciative Teamworking approach’s effectiveness is achieved when participants and delegates are involved and asked for their inputs, thoughts, opinions, feelings and insights. This team debriefing process optimises the take-away value of the experiential lessons learned through action learning encounters. 

Life Masters team building facilitators understand the adult learning process and leverage this with fun experiential teambuilding activities to optimise discovery and learning results. Because when participants explore their own conclusions, this ensures greater application back in the workplace. Giving greater value and sustainability.

Life Masters is a BEE Compliant – Level 4 Contributor (score 100%)

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