About Tony Dovale and Life Masters High Performance REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Teams

LifeMasters was started to provide a potent and profound service to individuals, teams, and leaders.. to bring more Consciousness: Integrity, Freedom, Love, Abundance, Meaning, Peace and Joy, to us ALL.

This vision is achieved through providing professional business talks, coaching, workshop facilitation, consulting, information and support for those who are conscious and ready to create a world where PEOPLE, PLANET and profits matter equally.

We Develop PEOPLE, TEAMWORK, TRUST, Limitless Leadership, and create a organisational culture that is INCLUSIVE, and helps achieve exponential IMPACTS and results, with our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System – CLEARx.



Staff LifeTime Value Optimisation for Exponential Results

The graph below reveals astounding increased value for effectively developing people and teams with our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Organisation (HPO*) Framework, philosophy and system.

4 Steps of People Performance Optimisation are:

  1. Onboarding and getting them up to speed…fastest.
  2. Ongoing Consciously Constructive Mindset and skillset development to optimise and EXPAND potential.
  3. Incremental Improvement of Action: performance, productivity and results.
  4. How long they stay and optimal engagement, performance & Teamwork achieved.

HPO System Pillars to be addressed in optimizing performance: People, Teams, Leadership and Culture.

Assumptions: Developed staff only perform 20% better each year. They STAY for 3 years instead of typical 2 years. This usually depends on Peers, Teamworking, Trust Levels, Leadership Style, Culture, Relationships and Psychological-Capital.

Consciously Constructive =2.5X Times Benefit

The benefit (for Sales Example below) between a no-dev, and a Consciously Constructive, RevWork development process, is over $1,3 Million!


Example: Sales people are used for scenarios, as output is directly measurable. Assume scenario 1 & 2 salespeople yearly salaries=$60,000 & quota=$600,000.

Assume: The better sales person improves just 20%, year on year performance vs the average no improvement sales person. This translates to $5,000/month salary and $50,000/month in sales revenue. Their projected output per month is $50,000 of revenue, less their salary of $5,000, resulting in $45,000 net revenue per month/salesman.

Over 3 years the Consciously Constructive IMPROVED approach creates ELTV= $1,3 MILLION GAIN (2.5x)