Phase 1:  REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams Building Events in Gauteng South Africa.

Our first team building step  in our incremental 4 phase process is …the REAL Team Building experience…which  incorporates a unique approach to corporate Appreciative Inquiry Teamworking development.

The first step of effective relationship building starts with addressing and resolving the past STUFF … the “static” that keeps people back, we are able to begin to unleash the locked away energy. This aims to address 4 specific personal and team dimensions.

1. Resilience

2. Engagement & Energy

3. Appreciative Action

4. Leadership with Love

The focus is on brining a greater awareness of how we show up at the workplace. How our past impacts our present. The energy leaks we constantly recreate and how we limit our perfomance as individualsd and as a team.

Through a flexibly structured process we guide teams and participants through a step-by-step process of discovery, decision and action

This is our first level of REAL team building.