GO Country Corporate Team Building Venues

go country lodge team building venues mpumalanga

Go Country lodge team building venue mpumalanga

Team Building Conference Go Country lodges Venues

Appreciative Inquiry Team Building, Blue Ocean  Strategy & Fearless Leadership with Soul


Research reveals that good REAL teamwork is one of the most important aspects of staff engagement.

Imagine… Building…really building… your teamwork on a powerful life-changing level in a tranquil country haven. A safe, Soul space to decompress, relax and grow on many levels. Come enjoy our beautiful country side… with delicious home cooked gourmet meals and … experience the latest most powerful strategies to transform your thinking, feeling and teamworking on a head, heart and Soul level.

Go Country & REAL Team Building

GO Country and Life Masters have teamed up to give you the best of the best. Best food and venue, along with life-changing team and trust building to transform teamwork, leadership and engagement.


The challenge – In most companies, trust is at an all-time low, relationships are strained, stress levels are sky rocketing, engagement is non-existent and productivity is falling.  These company crippling issues cannot be resolved with the usual Band-Aid plaster or a fun and games team building day… To truly transform your workplace on a visible and measurable basis you need a CultureShift at the core of your teams’ head and heart.

go country lodge team building venues mpumalanga

go country lodge team building venues mpumalanga

The Solution – The Life Masters and Go Country team has designed a residential 2-3 day REAL Team Building and Leadership Transformation process to take your team, trust levels, relationships and teamworking to the next level.

Using a potent Positive Psychology / Appreciative inquiry based process, our coach/facilitators create a space of possibility where your team will step you through the appreciative… DISCOVER, DREAM, DESIGN and DESTINY process to create a new shared and unified vision of desired possibility. Together, with this alignment process, your team will resolve conflict, build trust, learn to communicate better, discover each other’s’ PASSIONS, STRENGHTS and HOPES for the team.

Trust is a Must –High trust is the glue and magnetic force in every successful team.  We have a profound process that begins with the individuals and then focuses on the team. Our unique personal mastery process provides the first phase of transformation enabling each individual to recover leaking energies, shift beliefs and re-engineer their self-image.

Learn more – Our specifically designed team development process transforms attitudes, perspectives, clarifies values and associated behaviors and unites everyone to a compelling and attractive vision of possibility. You will discover the power and secrets of high voltage and higher ground leadership, blue ocean strategy, improving relationships, improving commitment and employee engagement.

REAL Team Building Process

Our REAL Team Building at GO Country incorporates latest information and insights on

  • Resilience & Relationships
  • Energy & Engagement
  • Appreciative Actions
  • Leadership with Heart/Love
team building ideas puzzle game

team building puzzle game

If you are ready… to truly  transform your team with higher  trust levels, better relationships, a powerful unified Appreciative vision and higher ground leadership on all levels…then it is time to GO COUNTRY with LIFEMASTERS.

Contact Dave or Tony for more information or to book your space. 083-447-6300   REALTEAMS@coachfree.com

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