The Science of Happiness at Work TM

Many people are claiming that Talent Retention is the new frontier of business.

Whilst this may be an aspect of business that must be addressed, there is an even more important aspect of the productivity and performance puzzle; Psychological Capital = your staff’s “mental operating systems” and “mental assets”.

A Workplace Revolution is occurring in many smart workplaces, and will continue into the next decade. 

We are now out of the agricultural, industrial, and information age… we are into the Experience and Human Element Age.

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Your PRIMARY source of sustainability, competitiveness, innovation and efficiency and success is your Psychological Capital.  Is your company a happy place to work?

Imagine if you were the manager or leader that discovered that 41% of your staff were ready to start looking around for new jobs and 18% had already started taking action to find alternative employment? What’s your solution?  How do you transform your workplace….fast?

The new science of happiness at work TM  by iOpener Institute UK, profiling system will enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of your most prised and valuable resources, and enable you to create a culture and mind-sets where people can really be happy-at-work.

Happiness at work is strongly correlated with workplace productivity, and better health, increased energy, motivation, confidence and recognition.

That’s why it matters not just for employees but for employers too. Which is why we believe it’s a joint responsibility for everyone to focus on by understanding what it’s made up of, analyzing their specific situation, and then building greater happiness at work for themselves.

CLEAR Benefits for employers and employees from Happiness at Work

Happy people at work, are documented to work harder, stay in the job longer, spend more time on task, take fewer days off, feel more energised for longer, have greater job satisfaction, are more creative, open, innovative and resilient, They work together better in teams. Communications are better.

Happiness at Work impacts all aspects of profitability, productivity, safety, customer satisfaction/loyalty, teamworking effectivness and a whole lot more.   Happy at Work is more than Engagement. The science of happiness at work TM  incorporates employee engagement, and then it goes a whole lot further and deeper.

Research into Happiness at Work by iOpener Institute UK reveals that it’s structured like this:

Achieving your potential lies at the heart of the iOpener Institute Happiness@work model

  • The 5Cs surround it:
  • Contribution – about the EFFORT you make and your perception of it.
    Conviction – about the MOTIVATION/INSPIRATION you have whatever your circumstances.
    Culture – is about how well you FEEL YOU FIT at work.
    Commitment – is about the extent to which you are ENGAGED with your work.
    o Confidence – is about the sense of BELIEF you have in yourself and your job.
    Pride, Trust and Recognition embrace the 5Cs and are insightful and swift indicators of what’s going on.

But every aspect needs to be in place for you, your team and your organization to be truly happy, inspired, challenged and productive at work. So before you go of on your next “fun-and-games” team building, get smart and decide to do something that gives you greatest VALUE and ROI. Talk to us about our REAL Appreciative Inquiry / Happiness at Work team buildings and staff development events that transform and optimise your workplace performance  and culture on a visible, measurable and sustainable basis.

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Tony Dovale is a Licensed Practitioner & Facilitator for the Science Happiness at worktm ©-iOpener Institute UK

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