Leadership MAPS -Mindset, Attitudes, Perspectives & Strategies

Leadership is more a mindset and an approach, guided by consciousness and values,  rather then a “position”.

There are people in leadership positions that just don’t behave like leaders at all!Tony Dovale staff Team Building Facilitators jhb

In contrast… Here are people at various levels,in organisations who are behaving as a leader. These people have a few differences from people in leadership positions.

1. Leadership is a mindset. A powerful, confident, clear, focused, resilient, proactive, supportive, builder-mindset.

These people see things through different mental filters and from different mental positions. They operate from a WE as opposed to a ME base.

2. Leadership attitudes are different to Greeders, bleeders and followers. Their attitudes (thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) are positive, builder, can do, and supportive.

The job of REAL Leaders is to build MORE LEADERS, and bring out the best in people to get things done.

REAL Leaders use the strengths sustainability framework to develop talent, mindsets, mastery and meaning…Leadership Effectiveness Controls workplace Performance and staff morale

It is clear to see how important leadership is within teams and the workplace. Building a high-performance team requires a smart, caring, and conscious leader who can align energies, visions, strengths and strategies, to get the best performance from the team.

Leadership in a team controls the levels of stress, conflict and commitment.  Most tomes a teams results, or lack thereof,  can be traced back to leadership effectiveness.


We have a LIMITLESS LEADERSHIP MODEL, which is part of our Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Philosophy, Framework and system.