FEARLESS High Performance Teams Phase 2 of our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance team development process.

Through the FEARLESS TEAM BUILDING  events we guide teams and participants through a process of confronting the REAL issues that affect and infect enhancing their personal and TEAM performace.

Our FEARLESS Teams process incorporates a PROFOUNDLY powerfull experience in Appreciative Inquiry and Higher Ground Leadership experience.

During the FEARLESS Team Activities, teams explore ways of creating FEARLESS personal lives and FEARLESS TEAMWORK and higher trust levels and better performance on a sustaoable basis.

The focus is on bringing a greater levels of energy and staff engagement to the workplace.

A workplace where people can grow without fear. A place where the preception of the workplace is “FAIR”, supportive and people are resilient.


  • Full Throttle – optimizing the available energy
  • Engagement – Improving employee Engagement levels for greater involvement
  • Appreciative Inquiry Action – a positive approach to solving the challenges
  • Reality Handling – Handling Realitys Vs Perspnal Projections and  Emotional SHADOWS
  • Leadership – High Voltage Leadership Principles
  • Energy – Optimising Innergy & Personal energy
  • Synergy – Creating Relationships where trust prevails and  results are leveraged – where 1+1=3
  • Strategy – Blue Oceam strategy Insights from compete to collaborate.

We do FEARLESS Team Building in Johannesburg, Sandton, and will travel anywhere for our clients.

Contact Tony Dovale for additional details

083-447-6300 or 011 467-1763