SPIRIT Teamworking

Appreciative Office Team Building process to develop Collaboration and Team SPIRIT

Phase 4 is our SPIRIT Team building process incorporates advanced Appreciative Inquiry Team Building Activities, Secretan Higher Ground Leadership principles, Hawkins Consciousness Levels, Attrator Field Theory (AFT),  Team Action Engagement Management and Employee Engagement Leadership tools.

Our SPIRIT Team process aims to go a whole lot deeper on a personal and team building level with the focus being on building a team that thrives Team Building Event.

The focus is on brining a greater SPIRIT of possibility to the workplace, where people can enjoy greater levels of satisfaction, health and enjoyment – which all impacts on employee engagement levels.

Our SPIRIT TEAM BUILDING events includes…

  • Strengths and Strategy
  • Passion and Purpose
  • Integrity, Insight
  • Resilience and Robustness
  • Inspired Action and Intuition
  • Teamwork, Truth,Trust,Transformation & Taking Action

Through a structured improvement process we guide teams and participants through a step by step development of a personal and team DESTINY, CAUSE & CALLING – Old Vision, Mission Values style process, but with new perspectives, insights and understandings that take the team building to a whole new level.

This is presently our most potent Team Transformation process.

For More information contact Tony Dovale of Life Masters Team Building -083-447-6300