Boost your business productivity and performance through REAL workplace team building workshops

Boost business productivity through real team building and TRIBE shifting experiences

Businesses leaders should be doing all they can to nurture staff relations in the current economic climate, it has been suggested.

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Kirsty McLatchie, from The Plymouth Half Marathon Team, said company bosses should consider ways of getting employees to work together better for the overall benefit of the company.

Research shows businesses achieve more when their staff can work well in teams, she noted.

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“The current economic climate is particularly testing to everyone, so anything companies can do to encourage a group spirit can only be helpful,” Ms McLatchie added.

“Particularly so when it’s something like the Corporate Challenge, which ultimately benefits a charity too.”

She suggested that a team running challenge is “a great way” to get colleagues bonded, focused, feeling a bit competitive and letting off steam together.

Running together, in fact training of any kind, can be lots of fun too, Ms McLatchie added.

“It’s also a great thing to talk to clients about or even get them involved with and extend client relationships in a positive, informal way.”

Improving employee morale in the workplace may be one way of keeping staff attrition rates under control.