Formula WON High Performance Team Building Events Gauteng

This one of a kind … Corporate Team Building 1 day experiential, action learning adventure…employee engaging , leadership developing and fun-filled one-day
REAL teambuilding workshop will set your wheels rolling and turbo your team performance.

The Formula Won team events are specifically customised to get under the “hood” of your Workplace Culture and team or group, tune-up the Relationships, collaborations and leadership, and get your team’s engine running optimally.

In todays times, second place carries little value.  Get yourself ready… Get your team to step up, ready for a tune-up, and take responsibility to create the ride of your lives.

Team Building Event Overview – mind map available

Life is just like a Formula #1 race event…high-performance valuable vehicles (Your Body & Minds) , big stakes for success (Happiness, Health, Wealth), high speed, relentless stress, and pressure… ongoing challenges, unexpected humps, facing fear, handling unexpected sharp curves,  rejuvenation pit stops to refuel and recharge.

Speed of Life

Many do not take the time to “sharpen the Saw” – to hone our reflexes, tune-up our internal mental software, remove thought-viruses, and make sure that everything is in tip-top shape for us to race at the speed of Life.

The Formula WON High Performance Teambuilding events takes you on a powerful, and insightful, journey to discover, and detail, your life, and business, “Dashboard” feedback system.

Just like Formula One racers have ongoing feedback, signals, monitors, and systems to ensure perfect performance, you can now use them too to create the rise of your life.

REAL Team building Activity Outcomes:

Discover your Emotional Intelligence and Resilience profile. Detail your Life-Work best balance point. Clarify your destiny, cause, and calling. Explore your 4 archetypes Lover, Magician, Warrior, and Sovereign.

Check your life and work wheel balance, break through limiting perspectives, establish your best power balance. Increase your vibrational limits, re-adjust your attitudes, break liming perspectives and mind-lines.

REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams Coaches / Facilitators:

Tony Dovale.

Tony is a modern-day Alchemist, Dragon Slayer (tamer), resilience ADAPTAGILITY expert and life-changing catalyst, who takes your energy, limiting beliefs, blurry perceptions and negative personal blockages, and transforms them into a powerful, positive blend of inspiration, motivation and inexorable resilience and Personal Power.

Tony’s experiential self development and REAL team building workshops and coaching, provides you with powerful tools and eye-opening experiences that enable you to clearly see how you have been limiting yourself, and how you can set yourself free from your self-inflicted mind jail forever.

Workshop Content / corporate Teambuilding Activities


  • – New technologies / discoveries pertaining to resilience, stress, energy and engagement.
  • – Enhance work-Life Balance
  • – Build Resilience / AQ Adversity Intelligence
  • – Enhance Awareness and consciousness levels

Release Your “Hand Brakes”

  • – Limiting Beliefs
  • – Stuck to the Box
  • – Thought virus removal
  • – Mind lines & Life Limits

Work -Life Wheel balancing

  • Current State vs Ideal State
  • Why Race – Soul @ Work
  • Gears – Destiny, Cause Calling

Stages of Power

  • High Octane – Energy, Consciousness, #AdaptAgility


  • Leaks in your Fuel Tank
  • Burnout Profile
  • Happiness & Health
  • Rear View Mirror Management


  • Release Handbrakes & Constraints

Inner Torque (Self-Talk) Management

  • New Tone
  • Old Tone
  • Awareness Tools
  • Healing your Pain Body

Stalking Strategy For a New Vision

  • Warrior
  • Lover
  • Magician
  • King / Queen – The Sovereign

Winners Circle

  • Are you using all of your power and potential
  • The RACE! – Exciting finale’ Team race

This is a half-day team building activity or the process can be customised  to be a full-day corporate team event or even a 2-day experience that can shift your life forever.

For more information and bookings to transform your group into a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE and High Performance Teams with optimised People, Teams, Leadership and Culture ….that thrive in tough times

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