Team Building to BULLET-PROOF teams – Phase 3

Phase 3 of our BULLET-Proof Team Building process incorporates Leading edge self development, High Voltage Leadership, and Personal Transformation tools.

Participants build powerful self-managemnent and internal resilience, so that VERY LITTLE from the outside can affect their internal landscape. This is about being completely aware and in charge of how we react vs responsd.

It’s about becomming RESPONSE-ABLE by choice. It’s about having full choice of how we feel, interact and live.

The focus is on bringing greater peace and calmness to our everday helter-skelter lives and pressurised workplace. At this level STRESS doesn’t even exist!

The Executive BULLET-PROOF TEAM BUILDING Event includes…

  • Build Awareness
  • Unleash energy
  • Live by Choice
  • Love Prevails
  • Engaged Enthusiasm
  • Transformation & Taking Smarter Action

Through a structured BULLET-PROOF Team Transformation process we challenge and guide teams and participants through a powerful Transformational personal development process where a Team DESTINY, Cause & Calling is fleshed out into Actions, Beliefs, Choices, Decisions, Energy Management, & Friendships

This is the second last phase of our Team Transformation and Trust Building process.

Contact Tony Dovale of Life Masters Team Building for more details.