iFun Corporate Team Building Events – Gauteng South Africa

Fun Team building events and activities have value if you just want plain fun and a light “get together” – Maybe consider some fun and real teambuilding blended together for greater value from your team events.

Fun Team events come in a variety of shapes and activities. Most of the time the focus is on group entertainment like foosball, quad bikes, archery, 4×4, bowling, cooking etc..

These are all fun group activities, they don’t take much learning or change back to the workplace though.

We take a balance of REAL Team Building activities and fun group activities and blend them into a recipe of powerful fun experiential learning and interaction activities – that can be translated back to the workplace.

We incorporate the following FUNdamental approaches in our blended Fun/real team building events.

Appreciative Inquiry – Focus on the positive & strengths
Experiential Activities – Light physical and mental experiences
Action Learning – Discover by doing
Challenge by Choice – NO blame & No shame

All of our Fun corporate Team building activities have a positive, light-hearted focus, which still offers profound insights and personal discoveries.

We custom design our team building activities to provide a blend of fun, teamwork, relationship building and self awareness.

Each group or team event is unique. We customise the experience each moment to ensure maximum positive and fun experiences are had by all team participants.

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