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Pump up your staff’s performance with GO Mindset Mastery, Team Resilience & Happiness@work Corporate teamspirit development workshops.

Fun-da-Mental TEAMBUILDINGTransforming Mindsets Everybody Accomplishes More …If there is no trust, there is no TEAM.

 We have FUN with real Team building Ideas & Events that deliver greatest value and Teamworking results through transforming MINDSETS from Fixed to Growth Oriented.

Challenge: It’s a well known fact that… most corporate team building activities results are short-lived. They are of little use as a tool to really build better teamwork or improve the workplace Trust to create a positive culture, manage change or grow profits.

Solution: Imagine resolving the key team conflicts and dysfunctions that make a REAL difference in the capacity, and connection of YOUR people.  You can create a powerful , positive SHIFT for the better – a REAL TeamShift. As well as a MINDSHIFT that transform your team’s value to the organisation.

What was your last team building activity?

A once off group event? Or was it a proper team building and MindShifting process with results that lasted?

If it takes months for people to get to really know and trust each other. Do you really believe that some half-day, group games event, is truly going to have any lasting and deep impact? Think Again!

We know, from experience, that it takes a specific and powerful positive approach to be able to truly transform your group into a real high performance team. Our NEW Positive Psychology and Science of Happiness @Work & Teams transform you corporate indoor teambuilding events & teamwork on a visible basis and grows Psychological CAPITAL  for the individuals.

Why Waste Your Money on Outdated Office Team Building Games?

Why do many companies waste money on short-efficacy “group entertainment”? When for the same time, effort and similar investment, they could begin to build a powerful, cohesive, supportive, connected and trusting team experience.  This has the potential to make a positive and sustainable impact, in many areas of the teamworking and business performance?

It’s typically because they don’t know that a South African based REAL Team Building process is available to them in either in jhb, Natal, Gauteng & Cape Town, at very affordable and fair value rates.

Some people don’t understand the REAL value and benefits of a true Team Building and Trust building with Happiness@work and Growth Mindset development – You

If the core reason for your event is to build  better teamworking and a better organisational Culture system that operates on a higher, and more productive level, then consider the benefits that our  proper team building process offers.

Use this checklist to guide your next event.

1. Pre Event Team Prep

  • a. Clarify outcomes and intentions with managers/leaders
  • b. Design specific profiles to discover current status of team health

This includes Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Team Fitness, Higher Voltage Leadership levels, Energy, Stress, Destiny Cause and Calling and science of happiness at work TM

  • c. Confidential Telephonic or face to face Interviews are held with participants. Covers specific areas of importance, the outcomes and the blocks to successful personal improvement and the team building.
  • d. Research & feedback consolidation and status assessment.

Once we know, as best we can, where each person is mentally, emotionally, energetically and relationship-wise, and how the team is really doing “under the hood”, we can now begin to design the team building process to deliver long term results.

2. The Main Team Eent

The main event is usually a 1-2 day, breakaway from the office, away from the usual mental and emotional anchors, triggers, and buttons. This enables us to play on neutral ground.

The process of building or rebuilding trust and the team is specifically designed to bring new information and insights to the people. Extensive interaction ensures participation, engagement and effectiveness.

Participants are challenged with feedback, reality checks, comfort-zone stretches, puzzles and team build tests throughout the day.

The 3 core aspects of the process goes to…

  • 1. Clearing “static” that existed in between members
  • 2. Setting a new workplace context of high integrity, openness, authenticity, support, compassion, honesty and sensitivity/care.
  • 3. Creating new agreements with each other that impact all aspects of the personal and team relationships.

3. The Powerful Event Closure

The secret to our process and the longevity of the teamworking efforts lies in our ability to take people on an adventure that truly impacts their Heads, Hearts and Souls and move thier MINDSET up to the next level of THINKING and connection..

We facilitate unique encounter where each member re-contracts, from a “clean-slate”, to perform and deliver at a level that positively supports each person as well as the enhancing the quality and results of the team.

If we keep in mind the description below and perform to our agreements that create win win relationships, the team will automatically flourish.

A real team is a group of committed individuals working together towards a common vision
and clear goals, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, robust truth, care, support and focused action.

Our effectiveness in rebuilding trust, truth and engagement ensures longevity and effectiveness to a point, where one person commented that the team is now SO STRONG, outsiders cannot get in!

Only through effective alignment of energies, trust, truth, commitment and care, can we begin to fully engage people heads, hearts and Souls.

3. The Follow-up Process:

Email Follow Up – For 6 to 8 weeks after the day, we follow up with an email system designed to stabilise and inculcate the new perspectives, decisions, beliefs, behaviors and actions.

Follow-up coaching – we also offer a coaching-bank of sessions for the members to be able to explore, review, analyse and decide how they plan to move forward more effectively.



Hi Tony & company, I waited a couple of days before I made contact to you for a reason. I believe my team is genuine, but you know the human factor came in – I want to see and experience the change for myself.

“I must admit – my team IS genuine and the change is incredible. The support, openness, love and “warm fuzzies” are definitely there. The experience of the session at Bakabung was worth every cent. You did wonders and thanks to my team. Greetings” – Cassie.

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