Effective Teamworking Tips

With The new science of happiness at work TM we know that happier people are more productive and provide greater value to the organisation.

Building effective teamwork and a productive team is always a team building challenge in the workplace.

Creating ways to monitor and measure team development effectiveness is also a challenge and is necessary if you are going to get the Team Effectiveness development project sponsor (C-level) to define what they see as great value in teamworking development.

We have a variety of assessments like The New science of happiness at work TM , Culture Scan, Workplace Burn-out, CASTLE, Resilience, Stress, Trust LEvels etc to enable you to get a REAL picture of how your team is running and what areas require deveIopment and attention.

Based upon our extensive team rebuilding and effective trust building experience and research, we have created a variety of positive, appreciative inquiry style approaches and Team Effectiveness questions to discover speciific areas of positive impact potential in building a REAL effective team

One primary area for improving workplace culture and performance is the area of team TRUST.

This weeks Team Building with Apreciative inquiry to increase your teams’ effectiveness.

A workplace culture will be the overarching influence on a teams level of trust to start. Next… the leasdership style influence and then the influence of managment and immediate supervisors.
And then the individual reactions and responses to the prevailing team dynamics will sculpt the teams level of trust.

In most of our research we find that the average teams level of trust settles at around 2,3,4,5,6 out of 10. Seldom have we discovered high levels of trust – automatically created in a workplace or team culture.

Usually the team leader has consciously created the team cohesion and team culture intensionally.

One version of trust and its dimensions we use in our team effectiveness building workshops includes






Depending upon how a preson assesses the situation or the person based uponthe following criteria… trust will either be increased or decreased… Wither way based upon a very rapis scan of a persons memoery banks, feelings and present state… trust will either be exercised or not…

Trust can be defined in multiple ways. One of the most simple ways to measure trust is to make sure it can be observed behaviorally

Team Trust – The ability to rely upon other team members to be truthful and to do as they say/promise to do, and to follow agreed/established rules, procedures, workplace cuture customs and practice.

Score your present and ideal team trust level below…

1=perfect/ideal trust ; 10… ZERO trusy ; 0 or somehwre in between.

What would it take to move your team trust levels just 1 point higher on the scale?

What would the benefits and productivity improvments look like?