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Leadership Effectiveness Challenges

Leadership Effectiveness Challenges

Most HR managers know that recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent …is recognized as the most vital challenge that companies and leaders face today.

Companies are biological systems as well as social systems.  All business is basically about the human-element.  If a company is having  problems, it’s usually boils down to a leadership problem – not a financial  or sales or marketing problem… 99% of the time it’s a leadership problem.  Mostly challenges boil down to people behavior problems in the organization. As the leader goes – so the pack follows.

Most companies results are influenced by the Pareto’s Principle.  This is where 20% of the staff delivers 80% of the results.

Typically an organizational performance/effort is on bell curve that ends up as follows:

  • 10% Engaged top performers,
  • 15% semi engaged – performers,
  • 50%  there for the money/job just do enough performers
  • 25% dis engaged – disruptive non performers. 


Based upon this performance model . ..this performance potential equates to an approximate 33% human capital effectiveness.

The human element offer the best opportunity for optimizing results and building a powerful competitive advantage.  This huge opportunity that requires smarter Leadership and better management.  Your most valuable assets are walking through your doors daily. customers are important.. but happy, skilled, well managed staff are VITAL. Human Capital is your most valuable and most expensive asset of any organization. Managing people requires head, heart and Soul.. not just a numbers talent.

Most leaders or managers are very effective at disempowering your team?  Many inept leaders and managers are completely unaware of their impact and influence on the success or failure of their staff.

Its vital for leaders and managers to be radically honest, more conscious, more open and ask the tough questions. Its important to create an organizational culture where it safe to speak up… How will you optimize  your team working in a sustainable and effective manner?

Are you part of the 70% inept greeders and bleeders/managers or are you part of the minority 30% truly effective, empowering and energizing REAL LEADERS.Managers. Are you sure? Have you asked your staff recently? / Tony Dovale designs and facilitates real team building retreats and leadership development workshops to transform teamwork, leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.

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    Trust is a must or bust

    low trust = Toxic Teams = Kills Employee Engagement

    Trust is almost at an all-time low. The 2013 Edelman 2013 Trust Barometer highlights a crisis in REAL leadership.


    Only 15% of people in the U.S. believe business leaders will tell the truth when confronted with a difficult issue. Low trust causes toxic and disruptive teams, destroys teamworking, and toxic teams kill employee engagement!

    As paradoxical as it sounds, if you want to increase engagement, don’t work on it. We have found that increasing trust by learning specific high-trust behaviors more directly increases engagement.

    The Research shows that a 10% increase in trust has the same impact on employee satisfaction as a 36% increase in pay.

    Ready to transform your trust and leadership effectiveness? Cont act Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300 for REAL Leadership Team Building events Gauteng, Keynote Talks, Presentatiosns, Leadership Coaching, Consulting

    Team Building Insights

    Team building and staff relationships…

    It seems like we still have a mindset of the medieval days of royalty AND LOWER CLASS SLAVES. Even in todays business, we seldom see team building between the different staff, management and executive levels.

    Often driven by male ego, financial only focus, many men drive for results at the cost of health, relationships, enjoyment and all the other factors that are part of being a live. It’s like ONLY focusing on oxygen for your life… yes business requires money (air) to operate, but once you have enough.. isn’t it the enlightened, intelligent, WISE and caring Soul that explores new ways to make the world and peoples’ lives better?

    We seem to have GREEDERS, Pleaders, Bleeders and leaders.. which are you? I have a whole article on these 4 categories of drivers in business. We need to be building better teamwork and collaboration on all levels of business between all levels of organizational culture.

    We need more conscious leadership and a better workplace culture. Imagine companies where positive relationships, effective teamworking, communication, connection and results are all part of the positive workplace… profits & people!. imagine that!1. Enlightened business that goes beyond greed… hmmm maybe one day… more men will wake up to the power beyond team building events and sessions for improving profits… but also for improving the quality of the office culture for everyone.

    Change EGO to WE-go….together.


    Namaste’ Tony Dovale

    Life Masters South Africa

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      Staff team building or team bonding workshops to transform trust levels

      Staff team building or team bonding

      What is the difference between Team Building and Team Bonding


      Team Building

      is the structural understanding, clarifications, framework, agreements, dependencies, strengths, weaknesses, responsibilities, roles, rules of engagement, communications, values, destiny, cause and calling, etc…. essentially functional trust building and connecting on a head level.

      Team Bonding

      …is the “attractiveness” of each others’, personality, attitudes, energies, mindsets, contribution and the depth of the connections and relationships. It’s the propensity or safety to be emotionally trusting and safe enough to be vulnerable in the team space. This is appreciative and emotional trust building and connection on a heart level. and also includes happiness at work, leading tribes, and building psychological capital .



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        Work life Balance

        Work-life balance is a popular topic for new consultants and everyone else that works.

        We all have more to do: we’re mothers and fathers; friends and siblings; people with hobbies and social lives and work responsibilities. And the more we have to do, the harder it is to keep ourselves and our lives in balance.

        What is work life balance? This idea of ‘balance’ is described many different ways but it basically refers to intentionally creating a life that reflects your personal values and dreams  is sustainable and attainable .

        Balance occurs when work and all those other aspects of your life that are important to you mix in a way that is comfortable for you.

        There’s no formula for it – what is balanced for one person may be very different than for someone else. Why is work-life balance extra challenging for the work-from-home consultant?

        As challenging as work-life balance is for everyone…it may be even more challenging for the new consultant working at home. Why is it so challenging to maintain work-life balance as a new consultant working from home? You’re launching a new business. And a new business is hungry for your time and energy.

        You need to find customers and start stacking up some “wins” while at the same time creating the structure needed for a business that will last. With a home office, you never really leave work. When working from home, schedules are often more flexible and time management may be entirely up to you — it can be so tempting to “do just a little more” at night or on the weekends, which eats into your family time, leisure time, or time with friends or hobbies.

        In spite of this, though, it’s vital for you to maintain a work-life balance that allows you to thrive both at home and “at work.” Imbalance can lead to negative stress, fatigue or illness, time lost with friends or family or with other interests which can never be regained, and a drop in productivity.

        7 tips to find your work-life balance:

        1. Identify what matters to you. What really needs to be done, and when? What matters most in terms of your work and in terms of the rest of your life? Before you are able to focus on either work or other interests, you must know what it is that really matters.

        2. Complete a wheel-of-life assessment. These are readily found online and are a simple exercise to help you identify important areas of your life. Once identified, you can see just how much of your time is being devoted to each vs. how much time you would like to focus on each, at this point in your life. From this you get a clearer sense of balance as well as ideas on where to cut back or put more effort into.

        3. Manage your time effectively. This may include putting clear boundaries around what is work time and what is family or home time, or leisure time, or friendship time. Maintaining these boundaries will be a continual challenge, but having no boundaries at all will make you too scattered to be effective in any of your pursuits. Take control of your day, and at the end of the day be sure to leave work at work!

        4. Learn when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no.’ It’s tempting to say ‘yes’ to anyone who asks for your help – taking on an extra project, for example, or chairing a fundraising drive at your child’s school. Afterall, you don’t “really” work, right? Keep your focus! It’s ok to respectfully say ‘no’ to requests. By doing so you’ll make more room for the things that you’ve said matter most to you.

        5. Ask for help. There’s absolutely no good reason to try to be everything to everyone, including yourself. The strongest people know what they can reasonably handle themselves, and when to ask for assistance from others. Join forces with others to get things done and strengthen your own support system.

        6. Adjust your self-expectations. Does the house really need to be spotless? Is it time the kids (or spouse!) learn to do their own laundry? Think about what expectations you have of yourself and of others, and see what can be adjusted.

        7. Take care of yourself. First. Because if you’re not doing this, it’s unlikely you’ll be of great use to anyone else. That means you do what you know to do in order to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and vocationally. Stay physically active. Sleep. Eat healthy. Do something just for fun. Make sure each and every day you are doing something just for you (and putting your laundry away first doesn’t really count!).

        Work-life balance is never set in stone – it’s a continuous process of re-learning and re-focusing on what matters most to us and then acting on that. Balance in your life today may look very different from what it will 1 year from now, or 5 years from now.

        The point is to know what balance and imbalance feel and look like in your life, and make balance your priority today for the success of you and your business!

        source: newconsultanthq .com

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          Workplace Development Challenges

          Whats your biigest headach in your organisation?

          Are you retaining your talent and developing your staff?

          See some recent stats…

          Training hours per experienced employee: (Global average): 29.6

          Training hours per new employee: (Global average): 90.5

          % of employees that are part of regular and standardized training program (Global average): 41.52%

          Average annual investment per learner (Global average): US$ 5685


          What are the main priorities related to learning in your organization this year?

          Leadership development and succession planning – 68.60%
          Manage change and transform culture – 57%
          Deliver learning programs for critical skills – 33.70%
          Improve quality and speed of processes (projects) – 27.90%
          Align employees , increase teamwork – 27.90%
          Culture of innovation on all levels – 25.60%
          Coaching and mentoring – 23.30%
          Customer service – 19.80%
          Health and security – 15.10%
          Increase financial intelligence of employees – 10.50%


          Organsational Team-Buildings Workshops

          For Immediate Release – johannesburg South Africa

          ai team building processTEAM-BUILDING and Team Culture  Transformation


          With so many companies doing, some kind of team-building events or tribe/team development, what’s the best route to consider?

          Typical Team-building activities, as they’re commonly called, vary from frivolous group entertainment & short-lived motivational style stuff; Quad-biking, soccer, cooking, shooting, mini-golf, foozeball, survivor games, adventure events, ballooning, etc.… all the way through to what we term… TRANSFORMATIVE or Appreciative Team-Building…

          That’s REAL Team-development. Company Events and a process that impacts people on a Head, Heart & Soul level and has long-lasting results.

          It’s a well know fact that stuff like motivational talks and the usual fun style “team building games” don’t last or add any real value – so why then do people waste their money paying anything up to R25,000 for a 1 hour motivational talk? Motivation is like manipulation! And who wants to be manipulated anyway?


          Return on Investment

          If you were to invest in an effective a teamwork improvement event, don’t’ you want to get the best value for your investment – of time, money and people resources? Any intelligent person wants the best return (ROI) on their staff team-building days.

          Now think hard be smart…What level of results would you choose if you were to embark on a valuable and powerful team/tribe -building process? What’s the best way to blend your organisational cultures, build trust, build better relationships, communication, connection… and to unleash passion, engagement and energy into a cohesive whole? – A REAL TEAM or TRIBE.

          Group Entertainment games is NOT Real Team-Building!

          • If we consider, what is thought to be, a typical “team building” event; people go on some planned outing for a day, somewhere offsite. They may get a little revved up, wear colored arm-bands or t-shirts, paint faces, play some games, shoot arrows, walk planks, laugh a little, or a lot, have a free meal or braai, a few drinks and then go home…klaar! Nothing really powerful!
          • On the day, what we don’t see, just under the surface, is that the office politics and people issues are still alive and well. People still fear; appearing useless, being uncomfortable or making a fool of themselves. Staff accumulate in their usual “clans”, and the office-clown is again, thoughtlessly, even more mordant with their jabs and jousts. Often, greater barriers to real team-building and a friendlier, more productive workplace, are created. Intolerance prevails – and never the cultures or people shall blend!
          • When Monday comes around, the old dynamics, office politics and factions remain, just as before. The people are as jaded as ever, if not more so now! And the “TEAM” is just a pretense. Life goes on just the same as it did before the group outing. People know nothing new about each other or their cultures. So what was it all really about?
          • This is treating the symptom – not the foundation or real causes.


          Why Waste money on group Games?

          So why even do it? Why would you spend money on something that does not solve your problem or deliver real value? Lack of; relationships, inclusion, trust, truth, engagement and inspiration is a REAL problem – A real problem for your team-building and your improved results in a diverse and multi-cultural reality we call our Rainbow Nation.


          Alternative – Proper Team Transformation experience– The HERO side…An Uncommon, but REAL, Team Shifting Process. Imagine a REAL tribe-building experience that removes barriers and shift your office energy, work environment, attitudes, trust levels, culture and team-spirit… visibly. REAL team building or Team Transformation creates an environment where shift can happen. Like the transformation of a worm into a beautiful butterfly.

          Consider…What’s the best way to really build your tribe. What aspects would need to be addressed to ensure long-term impact and profoundly positive results? In an Appreciative inquiry process the following core aspects must be addressed in order to build a sustainable and strong workplace foundation and culture that fosters optimal team effectiveness.

          TRUST! – #1 issue to be addressed is TRUST. True authentic trust and communication between the people, as well as the team and management is critical. If you have no trust your team could bust! Trust is the anchor-stone of success in many areas of business. It’s a proven fact that trust makes or breaks relationships and workplaces. Trust’s the business lubricant, just like the super lubricant,Teflon.

          I hear you think…is TRUST really more important than our great systems, policies and organisational structure? Absolutely Yes! A low trust workplace and mistrusting culture can, and will, sabotage and disrupt any system or strategy. Just look at the number of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiatives, mergers or strategic intentions that fail – It’s the people who make it happen from a Head, Heart and Soul level. No/low trust and engagement = no real team, no tribe, not really sustainable in a positive and engaging manner.

          Is TRUST really more important than our great Vision & espoused Values? Absolutely Yes! I don’t care how impressive your Vision is or what your Values are, the DRAG of a low trust workplace or culture will hold you back you from truly attaining that vision and walking those values – authentically and fully. Values are for everyone, all of the time, not some of the time and some of the people. TRUST is a MUST to thrive.

          Is TRUST really more important than a good strategy? Absolutely Yes! All strategies have to be executed. Efficient and optimal execution is built on a culture of high trust and high levels of certainty, involvement and engagement. High trust cannot transform poor strategy, but it can make it better. Give me a team of newbies-on-fire vs. a group of indifferent, mistrusting, disengaged rocket-scientists, any day!

          Is TRUST really more important than COMPETENCIES and skills? Again absolutely Yes! Skills and competencies are a head-based issue. No matter how skilled a person or team/group, the “drag” or friction of a low-trust workplace culture will ensure that those skills are not optimally, if ever, fully applied. Trust is a heart AND head based issue. And let’s be real here…nothing will deter real talent like a dictatorial-high-control, low-trust, low-engagement workplace.


          Effective Team/Tribe Building consists of getting REAL with yourself and others in your team.

          • Resilience & Responsibility
          • Energy & Engagement
          • Appreciative Inquiry & Action
          • Leadership with LOVE.

          If you consider what is impacted in a team-building event, it is our responsibility to make optimal use of the time, efforts, expense and team-building opportunity by REALLY growing your people.

          That’s why our Life Masters REAL team-building is designed as a powerful, unique, transformational process…and not just a light entertainment event.

          Our REAL Building better Teamwork & spirit workshops are designed to change lives and workplaces on a longer-term basis. You can do the merry fun group stuff, but we’d favor adding REAL value & results to your business and your team-building / blending efforts. Action, Appreciation and Trust is the “must” of the 21st century.


          Chose to do Appreciative Inquiry and science of happiness at work TM tmtm Team Building next time… avoid group amusement sold as team building activities– It’s really a waste of money most of the time and can even be detrimental back at the office.

          Ask any of our clients – REAL team Building & Transformation is what smart people choose.

          For Immediate Release

          Contact Tony Dovale

          South Africa



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            Teamworking and organisational culture is a big thing in business today…

            team dysfunctions we fix with REAL team building activities

            more than 5 team dysfunctions to be fixed

            The real issues isn’t team building or organisational culture. The primary issue is that we need BETTER, and more effective leadership.

            The leadership behavior in teams and organisations seems to be limited to positional-title role rather than a leadership mindset in the entire organisation.

            At the end of the day it does come down to organisational Culture and team / relationships building along with Brain fitness, psychological capital and Static Reduction.

            When Teamwork Isn’t Democratic, Everyone Benefits

            New research in Psychological Science suggests that certain group compositions may lead to elevated levels of conflict and inefficiency.

            PROBLEM: Though many believe that equality within a team is important, does this flat power structure really improve a group’s performance?

            METHODOLOGY: Researchers led by Richard Ronay randomly assigned 138 undergraduate students to one of three experimental conditions — primed to feel high in power, low in power, and baseline or control.

            They organized subjects into same-sex teams of three high-power participants and three low-power participants or groups with one high-power, one low-power, and one baseline participant.

            They then measured the teams’ performance in a task that required group interdependence wherein each member was required to make words from 16 letters and then work as a group to combine the words into as many sentences as possible.

            They also measured how the groups fared on a second task that did not require subjects to coordinate their efforts.

            RESULTS: The groups with hierarchies were more productive than the teams with either all high-power or all low-power members. This hierarchy benefit was evident when group members were required to work on a task together, but not when they were working alone.

            CONCLUSION: A built-in hierarchy helps a team work effectively on collaborative tasks.

            IMPLICATION: When there are too many leaders or too few followers, group performance suffers as members jostle to take control. The authors say in a statement that a clear power structure and division of labor can reduce group conflicts and improve productivity.

            SOURCE: The full study, “The Path to Glory Is Paved With Hierarchy: When Hierarchical Differentiation Increases Group Effectiveness,” is published in the journal Psychological Science.

            By Hans Villarica


            To transform your organisational PH, and tribe leadership skills contact Tony Dovale – 083-447-6300

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