Business Leadership Effectiveness Challenges

Most HR managers know that recruiting, hiring, and retaining, top talent …is recognized as the most vital challenge that companies and leaders face today.

Companies are biological systems as well as social systems.  All business is basically about the human-element.  If a company is having  problems, it’s usually boils down to a leadership problem – not a financial  or sales or marketing problem… 99% of the time it’s a leadership problem.  Mostly challenges boil down to people behavior problems in the organization. As the leader goes – so the pack follows.

Most companies results are influenced by the Pareto’s Principle.  This is where 20% of the staff delivers 80% of the results.

Typically an organizational performance/effort is on bell curve that ends up as follows:

  • 10% Engaged top performers,
  • 15% semi engaged – performers,
  • 50%  there for the money/job just do enough performers
  • 25% dis engaged – disruptive non performers. 


Based upon this performance model . ..this performance potential equates to an approximate 33% human capital effectiveness.

The human element offer the best opportunity for optimizing results and building a powerful competitive advantage.  This huge opportunity that requires smarter Leadership and better management.  Your most valuable assets are walking through your doors daily. customers are important.. but happy, skilled, well managed staff are VITAL. Human Capital is your most valuable and most expensive asset of any organization. Managing people requires head, heart and Soul.. not just a numbers talent.

Most leaders or managers are very effective at disempowering your team?  Many inept leaders and managers are completely unaware of their impact and influence on the success or failure of their staff.

Its vital for leaders and managers to be radically honest, more conscious, more open and ask the tough questions. Its important to create an organizational culture where it safe to speak up… How will you optimize  your team working in a sustainable and effective manner?

Are you part of the 70% inept greeders and bleeders/managers or are you part of the minority 30% truly effective, empowering and energizing REAL LEADERS.Managers. Are you sure? Have you asked your staff recently? / Tony Dovale designs and facilitates real team building retreats and leadership development workshops to transform teamwork, leadership effectiveness and organizational performance.

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