Positive Organisational Shifts and effective Change management, begins and ends with a positive, sustainable Change in Culture

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Change is todays’ new norm. Organisations encounter change everywhere. These continuous changes, influence the way we do business.

For companies and people to thrive and flourish, they will have to embrace change as the new norm in the workplace. In order to embed this new change-everywhere-all-of-the-time, norm – leaders and managers need to change the prevailing culture to a more flexible, resilient Appreciative inquiry based culture and team members need to upgrade their think to being more conscious flexible and resilient.

This new more effective culture starts at the top with leaders and managers… Not “Greeders”, nor “Bleeders!”… but REAL CONSCIOUS LIMITLESS Leaders!

By empowering team members with autonomy, mastery, meaning, and effective leadership, organisational culture can begin to be re-molded into a more inspiring Trusting, Resilient, Engaging, Appreciative, Truthful, Supportive culture (iTREATS). Because we know… culture eats strategy every time.

This new more effective conscious culture creates a space for greater performance, and accountability for results, which will impact on results and morale.

Our research and experience, with the new science of happiness at work TM tm insights, has proven that leadership culture impacts performance and results by up to 55%. Once people have had our MindShift experience and the culture is transform to a more appreciative and supportive conscious culture, they are more empowered, energized and amenable to taking greater responsibility and accountability.

Individual and organisational success requires a strong foundation of personal and leadership consciousness as well as a culture that inspires people to keep going the extra mile. This is not simply a nice to have in your business it a vital component.

The ever-accelerating pace of change makes “doing-more-with-less” a mandatory competitive advantage. The way we interact, the relationships, the thinking styles, attitudes, energy and trust levels we create… reactively …directly impact our working relationships, culture, experiences and organisational results.

Our Science of Happiness @ Work reveals the causal factors that impede optimum performance and results.

Worldwide Research shows that employees who are happier at work:

 Are 180% more energized

 Are 155% happier in their jobs

 Are 108% more engaged at work

 Are 150% happier with life

 Love their jobs 79% more

 Are 50% more motivated

 Have 40% more confidence

 Achieve their goals 35% more

 Contribute 25% more

Businesses that intend thriving, must re-mold their office culture and their staff’s mindsets to… where people are eesilience, energised, appreciative, happy, committed and actively “achieving their potential”.

Without energy, passion and effective leadership and great team dynamics – accountability will be dream.Any typical change management process breaks down unless you have a platform, process and culture, that supports people along the way and eliminates the usual resistance to change and staff reactions.

With the Appreciative inquiry approach and the science of happiness at work tm insights, people are more likely to fully embrace their role in enabling and supporting the necessary changes and buying-in/ taking ownership to facilitate true culture transformation.

When the process of introducing Appreciative Inquiry and the Science of Happiness@work for peak performance accountability is done effectively, it creates a culture with greater transparency, openness, energy, effective teamwork and trust. Clear communication and open dialogue improve with a stronger focus on successful performance

Ensure that effective conscious leadership is a strong thread that runs through the fabric of your organisation, along with a now positive supportive, appreciative happy culture… and you can see amazing results. Greater energy, focus, mastery and inspiration always produce better results.

The most crucial thing you need to understand as a LEADER is this… to change your workplace culture takes time, commitment, focus, energy, authenticity, integrity and consciousness.

Culture change in an organisation will remain impossible without ensuring that there is a REAL MINDshift. If staff continue operating the way they always have…they will continue to create the same results.

If you want anything in your world, or business, to change, then it is imperative that the change starts with a shift in mindset…a REAL MindShift… which can then be used to create a shift in culture.

The culture in your business, created by leadership and perpetuated unconsciously, directly impacts the results you and your tea achieves. It doesn’t matter what your strategies are… Culture eats strategy every time.

Our Life Masters destiny, cause and calling as a revolutionary change management company is to support, facilitate and enable you to co-create a new, more effective, culture of responsibility, accountability, effective conscious leadership, with ongoing MindShifts and appreciative action towards greater, more sustainable, results for ALL.

Nothing changes, until we change.

Namaste – Tony Dovale – 083-447-6300

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