Business Team building events activities / retreats and trusting staff relationships…

It seems like we still have a mindset of the medieval days of royalty AND LOWER CLASS SLAVES. Even in todays business, we seldom see team building between the different staff, management and executive levels.

Often driven by male ego, financial only focus, many men drive for results at the cost of health, relationships, enjoyment and all the other factors that are part of being a live. It’s like ONLY focusing on oxygen for your life… yes business requires money (air) to operate, but once you have enough.. isn’t it the enlightened, intelligent, WISE and caring Soul that explores new ways to make the world and peoples’ lives better?

We seem to have GREEDERS, Pleaders, Bleeders and leaders.. which are you? I have a whole article on these 4 categories of drivers in business. We need to be building better teamwork and collaboration on all levels of business between all levels of organizational culture.

We need more conscious leadership and a better workplace culture. Imagine companies where positive relationships, effective teamworking, communication, connection and results are all part of the positive workplace… profits & people!. imagine that!1. Enlightened business that goes beyond greed… hmmm maybe one day… more men will wake up to the power beyond team building events and sessions for improving profits… but also for improving the quality of the office culture for everyone.

Change EGO to WE-go….together.


Namaste’ Tony Dovale

Life Masters South Africa

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