“Strategy & Soul cTeam Building “

New Team & Leadeshop Coaching/workshop – from http://www.lifemasters.co.za

I’ve been thinking about our new Strategy & Soul Leadership and REAL team buildings – So here is my framework to encourage the first steps…<;Photo 2>;

In order to become more competitive, sustainable and effective/leverage the Psychological Capital and the Human Element, Leaders will…

1. …for their organisation…

Need to empower and co-create a CultureShift to a workplace environment that applies Appreciative principles on both the starategic and tactical levels, in order to build trust, elevate engagement and unleash passion against a unified, clearly branded, organisational CAUSE.

2. …for themselves…

Need to have a MindShift and BehaviorShift on all 3 leavels, Head, Heart & Soul… to build new awareness, consciousness, choice and actions around physical energy, mental /emotional energy, Happiness at work and a “Higher Ground” focus for their personal, team, and organisational DESTINY.

Namaste’ – Tony D

Have a wonder-filled day –

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