Whats your biigest headach in your organisation?

Are you retaining your talent and developing your staff?

See some recent stats…

Training hours per experienced employee: (Global average): 29.6

Training hours per new employee: (Global average): 90.5

% of employees that are part of regular and standardized training program (Global average): 41.52%

Average annual investment per learner (Global average): US$ 5685


What are the main priorities related to learning in your organization this year?

Leadership development and succession planning – 68.60%
Manage change and transform culture – 57%
Deliver learning programs for critical skills – 33.70%
Improve quality and speed of processes (projects) – 27.90%
Align employees , increase teamwork – 27.90%
Culture of innovation on all levels – 25.60%
Coaching and mentoring – 23.30%
Customer service – 19.80%
Health and security – 15.10%
Increase financial intelligence of employees – 10.50%